Tips & Resources During the Covid19 Pandemic

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We are all facing challenges right now, especially small business owners. We want you to know these will have little to no impact on the services that you receive from Paystone. Rest assured that you will continue to have 24/7 access to phone and online support and that your devices will operate as usual.

Payment processing is designated an essential business. We keep your business running and I want you to know that I continue to work remotely to support my existing local clients and expediting the boarding of new businesses adapting to the current changing economy. 

I want to offer you support in any way I can. Below you’ll find some advice to help you protect your customers and staff, as well as some ways your customers can continue to support your business.  Contact me here.

Steps you can take to mitigate the impact on your business:

  • Accept orders online or over the phone   Selling and accepting orders online will allow you to continue to serve your customers and generate revenue. Remind your customers that you are still open and deliveries or curbside pick up is available. Find out more about our online ordering gateways here.
  • Promote gift cards for future use Gift cards can increase your immediate cash flow while your business foot traffic is impacted by social distancing. Many businesses have been encouraging regular customers to purchase gift cards and e-gift cards for future use. Customers are looking for small ways to support their favorite businesses during this time and understand how helpful the small act of purchasing a gift card can be.  
  • Keep your customers updated Communicate to your customers via email or social media so they know your adjusted hours or if it’ll take you a little longer to fulfill orders. You can also communicate your appreciation for their support and ways they can continue to support your business during this time. 
  • Stay connected and encourage sharing via Social Media Staying top of mind is still important even if your customers can’t visit your establishment. You can still encourage them to share your posts on social media or leave a positive business review. Chances are there’s someone in their network who wants to support you too. Connect with me on Twitter @phoneworthy and let me re-tweet your news.

How you can prevent the spread of the virus at your business:

  • Limit in-person contact The easiest way to reduce the spread of COVID-19 is to limit the number of people in and out of your essential business. For some businesses, this may mean shorter hours of operation or curb side pick up only. For restaurants, this means delivery and pick-up orders only and closing the dining room. 
  • Ensure hand sanitizer is available If your business remains open to customers, offer hand sanitizer when customers enter your business. Strategically placing bottles of sanitizer near the entrance of your business and simple signage will encourage customers to use it.
  • Encourage NFC (contactless) payments
    If possible, encourage your customers to pay using NFC by tapping their card, smartwatch or mobile wallet on your payment terminal. It reduces the number of touchpoints, especially compared to cash, which changes hands many, many times. 
  • Disinfect regularly
    Make sure that your team regularly disinfects your business. Door handles, countertops, and payment terminals are three of the most frequently touched objects in a store, so keep wipes easily accessible between transactions.
    When it comes to your payment terminals, use cleaning products that are specifically designed for electronic devices. Some touchscreen terminals have a protective layer that can be damaged with alcohol-based solutions, so ensure you check your device manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t forget accessories such as phones, headsets, and keyboards! Always follow your device manufacturer’s instructions, and remember to turn off your devices before cleaning them.

Local Business Resources: (updated regularly)

Ontario Workplace Safety & prevention Guidelines – Curbside Pickup

For Burlington small businesses, the best one-stop source for resources and help during the Covid19 crisis is the Team Burlington page of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce website.

New resources will be added for other areas soon.


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