Online Ordering from a simple, ecommerce web store is easy to launch, quickly set up, and the best way to accommodate current provincial safety rules for curbside pickup or delivery, combined with secure online payment processing.

Andy Coats, Business Advisor – Paystone
Now that your business is re-opening, it’s time to maximize profits

Social distancing regulations are slowly being relaxed in Ontario and across Canada, with the latest allowing all street facing retail to open for curbside pickup and delivery with contactless payments recommended. As the restaurant and hospitality industry has already discovered, having an online ordering platform is the best way of keeping the doors open and settling payment transactions online to provide contactless payments.

You are not limited in how you choose to launch online ordering for your store or restaurant. Don’t feel locked into expensive online platforms that say they are free, but profit from high flat rate processing fees.

These fees can range from 2.6% to 3.5% and higher plus a 30 cent transaction fee

As an independent local expert in online payments, I can board your store on any of the following ecommerce platforms with an industry low wholesale payment processing fee.

ecommerce gateways for online stores

The above online solutions, like Magento or WordPress Woocommerce, are some of the largest ecommerce platforms worldwide with millions of users. You don’t need to use a one size fits all cookie cutter approach that makes your store look like all the rest. Range of choice allows you to customize your online presence to suit your business needs and differentiate your products and services from the competition. Did I say we have more?

ecommerce solution partners for webstore integration and web development

Top 3 quickest ways to launch online ordering:

  1. Clover Flex POS + Ecwid E-commerce
  2. WordPress + Simple Checkout Buy Now Button
  3. UEAT for Restaurants + Converge API
  4. Bonus (there’s always another option) WordPress Woocommerce + Bambora plugin
Online purchases for April and May this year are up 350% at higher levels everyday than Black Friday.

All of these quick and easy methods of launching an online store use proven, popular and inexpensive solutions in use by tens of millions of businesses. Woocommerce alone powers 4 million web stores – compare that to Shopify with just a little over a million. Many like Woocommerce let you launch for free. Contact me to get started now.

Of course you still may need to accept payments curbside, instore or over the phone. I can assist you with all your smart payment terminal needs including virtual terminals for accepting phone orders and email invoicing.

POS Terminals
Clover Flex – Poynt – Clover Mini – Mobile App – Talech ELO POS – Ingenico 4G Wireless

Support Local – Local Support

As a local business owner servicing primarily Burlington, Hamilton and Oakville, I know how important your business is to the local economy and how important personalized support is from someone like myself who takes the time to understand your unique business needs. In addition, if you need help with your website I partner with local web developers and digital marketing experts. For merchant payment processing, I am an Authorized I.S.A. for Paystone, a 100% Canadian company servicing more than 25,000 clients in Canada and the US. So the the solutions I can offer are reliable and affordable. When choosing your own online solution, choose to #SupportLocal and let me help you get online fast.

Contact me today.

Thank you!

Andy Coats

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