Open for curbside pickup and takeout, now the patios are re-opening

You’re a survivor. The last three months have been brutal. Your dining room is closed. The taps at the bar are gathering dust. But you didn’t quit. You pivoted to curbside pickup. Revamped your menu, delivered cocktail kits and family packs of steak with all the sides and fixins ready to BBQ. You supported community food banks and meals for frontline workers. You manned the phones for takeout and responded to a community that came out to support local restaurants. You jumped online but most customers just don’t understand how huge a cut of profits are lost to 3rd party delivery services like Uber and Skip. It’s not over yet but you’re not quitting.

Support Local Restaurants

Visit their Facebook groups and check out their specials for pick up

The restaurant and hospitality industry in Canada has been the hardest hit by this pandemic. Many of my customers are still closed paying more than their fair share to help Ontario respond to the crisis and many won’t be back. It’s been my privilege to help local restaurants respond to the challenges and rescue dwindling cash flow. When we’re out on the balcony for Burlington’s Friday Front Line Clap – my applause includes local restaurants. 

Buy a Frontline Clap T-Shirt: all proceeds to Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation

Halton, Niagara and Hamilton received good news today that allows moving to Stage 2 June 19th. Update: GTA Toronto and Peel Region, Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon received the good news for a June 24th opening. Patio season is flying by and the dining room is still shuttered. Outside the region I have customers from Ayr to Orangeville to Owen Sound who are just re-opening, but with a raft of new safety protocols and  dine-in still closed by the province. 

Whether you are re-opening now or getting ready for the green light in the GTA, I have a suite of online and in restaurant POS solutions that can help you respond to your customers’ needs for improved contactless safety and online ordering.

Restaurant owners shouldn’t have to pay exorbitant 3rd party commissions just to get their menus online. Most online delivery portals are charging from 5% to 30% plus delivery and card processing fees. They even take their commission cut for pickups and takeout to those who want to pivot curbside. This is not a sustainable model for restaurants looking to survive Covid19 and recover during Stage 2 and beyond. One client shared with me that his first Skip the Dishes order was for a $12 breakfast special that ended up costing the customer more than $25 with delivery – and the restaurant lost money on the sale after all the fees.

contactless orders and payments online in restaurant at table
Online ordering has never been easier or more affordable.

There is an answer. With a Smarter Payments solution powered by Paystone, restaurant owners don’t have to pay more for online ordering than they do to take payments in store with their POS terminals. Less than 2% – zero commissions. I have multiple platforms to get you online. You’re not locked into proprietary, expensive systems like Square and Shopify. Hundreds of restaurants have pivoted online in the last 3 months with our solution partner UEAT. I have fast affordable gateways from ECWID, Talech, Clover and Woocommerce. The UEAT online ordering tools now include contactless at table ordering and payments for the patio and dining room.

UEAT Contactless Online Ordering
Contact me today to book your UEAT demo.

You need to be online to handle takeout and pickup orders. Introducing UEAT’s contactless order and pay – offering the same frictionless ordering experience users love from online ordering, now inside your restaurant and out on the patio. Let’s get ready to re-open and recover.

Contact me today and find out how easy it can be.

Cheers! ~ Andy Coats

contactless ordering at table tools contactless payments POS online curbside patio table pay-at-table
The patio is open and waiting.

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