Ordering Pretzels Online Ain’t Rocket Surgery

How Adam Shapiro’s Shappy Pretzel Co. Launched Their Popular Snacks on the UEAT Online Ordering Platform

Canadian company UEAT Solutions has developed an AI-powered online ordering solution for restaurants – a breakthrough that helps small business owners optimize their profits on each order.

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L.A. actor and director Adam Shapiro, of the popular Netflix show “Never Have I Ever”, didn’t take the pandemic laying down. Having to stay-at-home like all of us, he took to the kitchen and started cooking up comfort food memories of growing up in Philly. When one of the experiments turned out to be his favorite snack, a soft Philly pretzel, Adam decided to spread a little pandemic joy in L.A. and launched the Shappy Pretzel Co.

Thanks to great exposure on TV and social media, and what’s become known as the best soft pretzel anywhere, Shappy Pretzel Co is a huge hit. His pop-up is now serving from 6 different L.A. locations different days of the week and sells out almost every day. You want to be sure to get yours, you better order ahead.

Damn they’re good.

Phil Rosenthal, Somebody Feed Phil

To launch a new restaurant and brand amid the pandemic restrictions is challenging to say the least. Online ordering, with order ahead for pickup features is a must if you have popular food that sells out quickly. The platform must be affordable, and commission free. It should have in house and 3rd party delivery options. It should be flexible to match your own unique local business model and offer customization capabilities to suit your brand. It should be easy to manage food inventory when you are operating hybrid takeout, pick-up and dining room ordering at table. Finally it should be easy both for your customers ordering online and for you and your staff to manage the back of the house.

You can watch the short video on Twitter and get more information below. Here’s what Adam had to say to the UEAT team about his experience.

I searched so many companies to find the one that could fit into our unique business model. Shappy Pretzel’s not a restaurant and it’s not really a pop up. It’s kind of a hybrid of the two and we needed a company that was gonna be able to make the customizations that we needed as a company to succeed. UEAT is so flexible – no other company came anywhere close to the focus and the attention to detail that UEAT provided Shappy Pretzel.  We’re just so excited about the future of our company and our relationship with UEAT”.

What does an L.A. celebrity’s experience with online ordering have to do with our local restaurants and other food hospitality businesses here in the GTA/GTHA region? Quite a lot as it turns out. Many local restaurants have been using the UEAT solution to help them power through the pandemic. Smarter Payments with Paystone from London, Ontario is partnered with Quebec based UEAT as a preferred ecommerce platform. Customers get all the benefits of UEAT’s AI powered gateway along with affordable payment processing fees and gift card integration. Local restaurants like Hangry Chicken, Paramount Middle Eastern Kitchen, Mas.e.mo Pizza, Copper Branch, Tandoori Flame to name just a few, all use the UEAT platform as do hundreds of others right across Canada. I’ve helped different small business owners right here in Burlington, from pubs to caterers and banquet halls, roll out the best choice for their unique business model – and not just for online ordering but contactless payments, mobile payment terminals and POS systems.

The find out more about how Smarter Payments can help, fill out the form below or contact me here. Now, anyone know where to get the best soft pretzels close by?

Cheers! ~ Andy

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