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Learn how Thaïzone, a 36 location fast-casual restaurant chain, saw immediate results after switching their online ordering platform to our solution partner UEAT.

Watch on Vimeo – via UEAT

Offering seamless integration to our Paystone payment processing portal, UEAT helped Thaizone significantly increase the average shopping cart order revenue and the total number of online transactions booked by making the whole process easier for their customers.

I’ve helped local Burlington restaurants make the switch and replace costly 3rd party solutions like the costly Skip the Dishes or UberEats marketplaces. It definitely helped them weather the challenges of the pandemic restrictions aimed at restaurants AND positioned them for increased revenues and greater profits moving forward.

Image – Ueat via Vimeo

UEAT will integrate with the major delivery platforms but save you the costs of percentages and extra fees with a flat rate delivery cost option. You can even integrate delivery with your own inhouse team or local delivery experts. Find out more, connect with me now. Hope to talk to you soon. I might just tell you where to find the best burger in Burlington 😉

~ Andy Coats, Smarter Payments

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