A payment terminal that is robust, reliable, and simply works.

Powered by Paystone.

Merchants no longer need to pay extra for separate POS systems, licencing and standalone payment terminals. The Newland N910 comes with the Poynt OS pre-installed which provides full access to the proven Poynt Register POS with a Product Catalog for thousands of SKU’s and inventory tracking – all accessible from the terminals full colour 5 inch LCD touchscreen.


More Ways to Pay
The N910 seamlessly addresses multiple use cases on a single platform. Serving a simple payment experience for any business.

Wireless Freedom
Comes with Wi-Fi and LTE capabilities and up to 8 hours of consistent use, so you can accept payments from anywhere.

Unlimited possibilities
Choose from a vast catalog of apps in the Poynt app store that allow you to run your business more efficiently. No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll find something to suit your needs.

Receipt Flexibility
Customize your receipts with your company’s logo and brand. Your customers can choose to print, email, or text their receipts. Save the paper – save the planet.

Customer Retention
With a built-in CRM tool, you can stay connected to your customers. Store their emails, receipts, and purchase history, and incent them with special offers. Because this is powered by Paystone, it’s easy to add their full suite of Customer Engagement solutions: Loyalty Points Program, Gift Cards and e-Gift cards. Even build your digital reputation with reviews, recommendations and social media marketing.

Employee Management
Track and manage employee shifts and control employee permissions from the same compact payment device.

Real-Time Reporting
Get detailed sales reports and analytics from anywhere in real time, settle batch data, and view disputes from any computer or smart device.

Best of all, you won’t have pay a high flat rate processing fee with our Enhanced Cost-Plus processing fees – keep more of your hard-earned profit. Contact us today and get started with your Newland N910 Smart Payment Terminal & POS.

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